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6 февраля 2020 16:34
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as all fans of gordon freeman , we are all curious of having a look at what is inside his case....
i am making a new mod that shows every thing that happened during and after the so famous experience...in the black mesa base..

Hell-Life that is made with 200 maps ; half coming from hl and others from gearbox mods + those two from half-life italia & spain : azure sheep and pov with few others from sweet hl . while i work on details and monsters of the maps [ that by now i play with opposing force mods dlls [ and the latest Xash3D with won files ]i try to find some programmers to create the mod dlls : i want them having most monsters from opposing force and few others from sweet hl

.. of course i ll be more precise if somebody is interested.. i was thinking that valve was easy to contact... but this seems harder than to contact the architect of the matrixxxx ; i mean this kind of demand with a so old game should takes few minutes to be done by real games programmers more other if they work at valve..
but no ..

as i already made one mod using opposing force dlls an one other using sc 4.7 dlls..
i hope the new mod to be a mix of the three : that should be easy as sc 4.7 uses all monsters and models from gearbox mod ..here are the links in the spoiler

of course all the story has some surprises.. i hope the end to be like the "star wars" with a two king battle

where i hope to see an "decay playmode ending" with two players " one being the white worm king pin and the second player playing king Tor

for the first release i reuse hl maps , but i imagined a port to source or unreal 4 engine.. there will be lot of works and $ , i hope so ;']
18 февраля 2020 17:01
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i was hoping a post from my old schmelle friend.. is he still here sometimes ?
i post a news about the source code of opposing force..
with my few "knowledge" of c++ i was able to correct the github repository..
read the above link to know what must be change in the files..
the visual 2010 studio has to be used..
for halflife : i advise using :


i search if someone knows a tool able to create source from already compiled files.. i want to use some models from others mods like pov or sweet half-life.. that would help me to know how they did because my mod use some of their maps and some maps are using special entities..
may be a link or two to some helping forum for learner..
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  Сейчас: 7 апреля 2020 19:46