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do not call him like that ..

6 февраля 2020 16:08
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at the time of cs.rin.ru/forum was still a cool place and not this "warez" or may be like even more : super-warez like a giant shop..
one morning i was very tired , listening to the radio.. where in france it is always having stories about "victims of men" .. these days it is like in the weinstein case ; with "crimes" made 30 or 40 years ago.. with some women above 40 that was raped when they were teenagers doing ice-skating..

so i was reading the list of members in the forum..
then at schmelle that made tilt.. he is one of the man i meet that is the most serious & pleasant person i know.. plus he was making good cracks for servers ..

so how did i hacked his name ?


of course he is still a great friend of mine.. i hope to get some news from him here as well as others former revcrew members starting with arucard and other "former sticky master"
as it is the joke land of forum.. i am sure that the "ressousector hold up" of rin ru... he is still at the head of moderation , alone and reigning like a dictator and being the one and only making sticky.. instead of freedom : he offered you to live in a "dead camp" like it happened in palestine .. i must stop or i ll enter black humour area
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  Сейчас: 7 апреля 2020 19:51