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DOTA2 Revemu not working

19 июля 2017 00:55
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I've recently downloaded the Revemu (release 27/04/2016) which was the latest one I could download (I can't download the newest steamclient.dll which was released on 01/20/2017). I put all the files into the
common\Dota 2\game\bin\win32 folder, but when I run the revLoader.exe file, nothing happens, the game does not run. I also tried putting all the files into the win64 folder, the revLoader.exe file runs, the game runs but there are no items or anything in the game.

What should I do? Is it not running because I don't have the latest steamclient.dll or why?


My bad, did not notice the posts made in another topic about it currently being fixed. I couldn't find a way to delete this post. :D
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